It’s all about God, His grace, his Mercy, His Love for us.

After I had wrecked havoc in my life and the lives around me,  I  
thought and believed that I was are alone, alone in the dark, alone in
the sea of humanity.

I cried out to Jesus, from my heart……and He was there, and has
always been there.  He was waiting for me to accept Him, for he has
already seeking me.

Years a year ago , I stood on the roof of the Troy, NH Power Station

building during an ice storm.  Hoping, that maybe, I would slip and that,

well that would take care of all my problems.  I was separated from my wife
and family, I was involved with another woman , whom I loved as
much as my wife.

I cried out to God, Please help me, I am so confused and lost.  I
need your help, I can’t make up my mind about my girlfriend or my
wife.  I don’t know what to do.

He answered immediately, almost as soon as I finished asking for
help.  He said, “Take your wife to church.”

Well that was impossible, for the previous day.  I really hurt Carol
and she told me “never, ever contact her again.

We were about to sign off on the divorce.

I knew she wouldn’t answer the phone, nor would she go
anywhere with me.  When you  are in a relationship with someone
for a long time, you just know how the other person is going to

I was wrong, she answered.  With my voice cracking, and crying, I
asked Carol to go to church with me.  She was crying as well, we
really did Love each other.  She asked me why I am asking her to
go, I told her that God had just told me to ask her, but, I knew you
would say no.

We attended church, Renewed Life in Jesus, in Chester, Vermont.  
The Holy Spirit moved Pastor Rick to speak about Forgiveness and
Love.   God have a timely message when you ask for help.

The blessings that God has bestowed upon Carol and I and our
family are believable ( as they are written in the bible).  

No matter what you face in life, you may think there is no hope, no
forgiveness, no way…And the devil will taunt you into believing
there is no hope, no forgiveness.

God is there for you, he listens to your heart.  Believe.